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Terms & Conditions:

The vehicle shown in the photo is only a sample. Star Tourist Services

does not guarantee an exact match to the Make / Model seen in the photo.

All rental charges are paid in Euros or Sterling Pound equivalent to the

exchange rate on the day. Payment can also be processed by credit/debit

card or travelers cheques. All prices include unlimited mileage, fully

comprehensive insurance (subject to excess), 24Hrs road assistance and

18% Value Added Tax (V.A.T.)

All rates include comprehensive insurance with an excess of 350 Euro for

Groups A to G 400 Euros for Groups H-I and 500 Euro for Groups J to K .

350 Euros for Groups M

.The excess is payable in all circumstances of damage, unless the damage

cost is less than the excess amount or if a third party accepts fault

and liability and pays for damages.

1. Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W)

. Insurance Not Applicable for Drivers aged 21-24 or 71-75

Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W) )and Passenger Liability is

available at an additional charge of 6.00 Euro for Groups A to G and

8.00 Euro per day for Groups H -to K.

Excess will be 100 Euros ( for Groups A- I - and 200 Euros for Groups J-K

2. Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W) Insurance Not Applicable for Drivers aged

21-24 or 71-75.The renter may optionally purchase Full Damage Waiver

insurance (F.D.W) to waive 100% of the standard excess liability in case

of any damage / accident / theft / vandalism etc... (eg: EUR350 will

become EUR0).

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) )and Passenger Liability is available at

an additional charge of 8.00 Euro for Groups A to G and 12.00 Euro per

day for Groups H -to K.

Important: Wear & tear accepted on tyres. DAMAGED TYRES ARE NOT INSURED,

it is the hirer's responsibility to pay for damage.

Driving age / Young drivers / Mature drivers

All cars are insured for drivers aged between 25 and 70. Drivers aged

21-24 or 71-75 will be required to pay a daily surcharge imposed by our

insurers, and the excess reduction options (Super CDW and the FDW) are

not available.

Drivers under 25 years must have held a full license for at least 3

years whilst drivers over 70 must present a recently renewed license and

a doctor's certificate stating fitness to drive.

All cars are delivered with approx half a tank of fuel which is

charged for at commencement of rental at the rate of EUR1.45 per litre.

Upon termination cars are to be returned empty as it is only fair that

customers return cars empty after having paid for the fuel supplied. Any

fuel left in the car will ultimately serve as a 'thank you' gesture

towards the company and will serve to make up for fuel used when we

effect free deliveries and collections. No refunds are given for fuel

left in the car upon termination.

Security Deposit

All renters must present a valid credit card at time of rental even if

they are paying in cash, as a security against the applicable excess

amount and any against any eventual parking contraventions or

over-speeding fines.

*Non credit card holders will be required to leave a cash deposit equal

to the excess amount carried by the car which will only be refunded 3

weeks after termination of rental.

*Parking tickets / Traffic violations / Overspeeding Fines 

Any parking tickets, traffic offences, fines or contraventions will

automatically be charged to the clients credit card during or after time

of rental either by our company or directly by the local enforcement


Delivery timings

Whilst we always try to deliver cars exactly at the requested time, we

sometimes encounter traffic and other set backs beyond our control so

kindly allow a 10 minute margin either way from the time booked. This is

only applicable for hotel/address deliveries or if a flight lands ahead

of time booked. In case our representative is late by more than 10

minutes kindly call our office on (+356) 21 571609,or mobile

(+356)77571609as we may be unable to find your exact location to reach you.

Lost & Stolen car keys

Should a car key be lost or broken during rental this will be at the

renter's expense and a charge will apply for delivery of the spare key

and the cost + work involved to replace the lost key. Should the key be

locked inside the car a delivery charge will be imposed at the renters


Disclaimer: Car Stereos / CD / radio cassette players

We would like to draw the attention to all clients that even though our

vehicle descriptions may include car radios or stereos as features on

some cars, we reserve the right in rare and unforeseen circumstances to

deliver cars without these extras. This is because sometimes a car is

returned with a faulty stereo/CD or we deliver an alternative vehicle

from the one booked or we might supply a subcontracted car which might

not have a radio cassette or stereo installed. The cost of installing,

repairing or replacing these stereos is not built into our rental

charges thus we are not under obligation to provide such extras should

we be unable to do so..


Tyres Punctures & Roadside assistance

Our 24 hour roadside assistance is available all over Malta & Gozo. In

case of a flat tyre / puncture please note that all cars are provided

with a spare wheel. If renter wants assistance it is provided at an

extra cost. Renters are informed that tyres and wheels are not covered

by the insurance so all puncture repairs are at the renter's expense.

Tyres and rims damaged during rental are at the renter's expense and

must be repaired / replaced forthwith.

Should renter run out of fuel, we can arrange delivery of a few liters

of fuel to any location on the island, however the renter will have to

pay for the fuel supplied plus a delivery charge.

Last minute bookings vs Internet bookings

The preferential rates advertised on this website are only applicable

for internet bookings made in advance, as we are given enough time to

allocate our bookings and maximize the use of our cars. We reserve the

right to charge different / higher rates for last minute and locally

booked rentals besides the possibility that the car of your choice might

not be available if you leave your booking for the last minute.

Therefore we always recommend booking by internet in advance rather then

leaving it for the last couple of days!

Early returns of vehicles

Should you decide to terminate your rental prior the agreed / originally

booked date, you will not be entitled to any refund for the remaining

period. We may under special circumstances allow a part refund at our

discretion, either in cash or as a credit note to be used on future

services from our company, but we are under no obligation to do so.

Late returns of vehicles

If a vehicle is returned later than originally booked / agreed we

reserve the right to charge a full day's hire, even if the car is

returned late by a couple of hours. Each rental agreement is allowed 1

hour of grace after which a late return could be charged up to a full

day's hire. Additional collection fees & other charges may also be

applicable if a vehicle is returned late without prior notice.

Flight Information

This information is mandatory and required for all airport rentals. We

will not be held responsible if your car is not prepared for you when

you arrive in Malta should you fail to provide us with your correct

flight number and approximate time of arrival.

Condition of vehicle / Excessive dirt

All vehicles must be returned in the same condition as when rented

except for expected wear & tear and dirt. If a car is returned with

excessive dirt / stains, special cleaning may be required at a cost to

the renter.

Accidents / Roadside Assistance

Customers must contact Star Tourist Services at the time of the incident

and will be required to fill in a police report and an insurance claim

form (if applicable) and pay the applicable excess charge. Failure to

notify the garage straight away may automatically void your insurance

cover making the renter liable for all repair costs of the car and third

parties, including loss of use of the vehicle whilst under repairs.

Dependent on the circumstances we reserve the right not to replace the

vehicle without a refund for any remaining days of hire.

The insurance company may at its own discretion decline coverage should

there be suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

proven reckless driving, if the car was driven by any person other then

the insured driver and for any other reason listed on the rental

agreement signed on collection of the vehicle

Cancellation Policy

A full refund for any deposit paid upon reservation will be given for

cancellations received at least 14 days in advance of commencement of

rental. We however reserve the right to impose a fee or retain the

deposit for cancellations received within the last 14 days.

Address: Pioneer Corps Road, Bugibba SPB 03, Malta.
Office: (+356) 2157 1609
Garage: (+356) 2157 5899
Mobile: (00356 ) 77571609

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